In the LO room, please bring your own mat and sweat towel

Late cancel/no show policy:

Please cancel no later than 8 hours prior to your class


NO SHOW $10 fee

LATE $5 fee

Curious which class is the right one for you? Check out our class descriptions below.


You'll be using H.I.I.T. style training to test your limits as you rotate between strength training and cardio bursts. Interval training is our most efficient way to torch the body. With your metabolism elevated, you will be burning calories hours after you have left the studio. In this class, you'll get to use all of our state of the art equipment: from benchwork to bands, to free weights of course, time on the water rowers and/or the ski ERG machines.


Our ultimate heart racing sweat session. Get your endorphin rush in this cardiovascular challenging class. Coaches choice of any or all of the equipment in the HI room to help push you to your limits. We will have endurance days alongside sprint work days which will always keep you guessing. This class will leave you breathless but you will have fun doing it.


H.I.I.T style class that is designed to focus on your muscular strength and power goals. These classes will vary in resistance training with the use of weights, bands, bodyweight, medballs, suspension training, etc. Cardio equipment will be limited and used for strength based movements. Dont let this fool you, your heart will be pumping while you feel the burn.


Great for any level but especially beginners, this yoga class will be intended to create that mind-body connection. Encouraging you to slow down and hold postures a bit longer, allowing for the body to challenge your awareness and alignment through flow and breath. Nonetheless, this will leave you sweaty and restored.


Designed to be our more physical vinyasa style yoga class. Allowing the breath and movement to become more creative in this class along with incorporating more strengthening skills and techniques. This will take your yoga practice to a deeper level mentally and physically.


This class is perfect for those who want a good low impact, full body, physical and sweaty workout. Creative formats with core work, cardio bursts and lighter weight strength work. Expect to feel the burn and boost your energy while in the LO room!

Core & Restore

Our Core & Restore class focusses on igniting the core stabilizers followed by a series of stretching and restorative movement to unwind the body. The infrared heat & essential oils in our LO room will allow your body to melt into your practice. This class is designed to improve flexibility, core strength and is the perfect complement to any of our signature classes. Blocks and resistance bands will be utilized in this class.

Sunday Social

Sweat Forum’s open gym time allow’s members to utilize the HI room and it’s amazing equipment. Coach will be present (no group fitness classes in HI room) and will help with any form assist. Please limit your time in the HI room to 1 hour and reserve your bench.